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10 Reason we are the IT Company you Deserve

REP4 has now entered its fifth year providing IT Solutions to Small Businesses.  In that time we have seen the extremes of this business. I’m not just talking about clients and their environments, although, we’ve seen some pretty interesting stuff and had been involved in some fantastic projects.  We’ve helped doctors convert an old RCMP detachment into a clinic with an Electronic Medical Record  system and helped a CNC company go paperless. All very cool, very productive projects!  The other side of this business is seeing some of the shortcomings of other IT Providers. We have certainly learned what NOT to do through inheriting some truly disastrous environments. If these environments weren’t so important to the success of businesses, it would be humorous.  But funny it is not, some of the risks that IT Companies have taken with the clients data could seriously risk the integrity of their clients business. This is why I’d like to outline 10 Reasons REP4 is the IT Company you Deserve:

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1. We Answer Our Phone

Pick up the phone, call 877-321-7374 and you will get connected directly to our front desk. The only time you will not speak to a live human is if all the office staff is tied up with clients. You WILL receive a call back in less than 60 minutes.  We are here to provide a Service, and a big (actually HUGE) part that service is to be available to our clients.

2. We Speak Your Language and Love to Teach

We love to talk to our clients, if you have ever been to our offices, the first thing we’ll do is offer you a coffee and, if you have the time, invite you into our board room to chat. Whether it is about a new project, an issue that needs our attention or just to catch up. Luke and Shaun are constantly bringing clients in to teach them new things or explain concepts in normal English so that you can make informed decisions.

3. We Are On Time

And if we aren’t going to be, you will be informed ahead of time. It is amazing that this simple courtesy is so neglected by so many service companies.  Waiting equals lost time, which, of course, is lost money.  We would much rather be 1 hour early than even 2 minutes late.

4. We Screw Up and Admit It. Then Fix it.

We aren’t perfect. We don’t pretend otherwise. See the linked article for more details, but essentially, there are times when we don’t know everything but we will find the answers.  In an event we honestly believe we know the answer and it turns out we were wrong, three things will happen:

a) We will tell you we messed up.

b) We will tell you what we are doing to fix it.

c) We will tell you what changes we are making at REP4 so that it never happens again.

5. We’ve got your back. We don’t have customers, we have partners. We are only successful, when you are successful and this is how we approach each project, issue and challenge. We understand that your focus is on your business and that your technology tools need to support your business, not distract form it.  We are not just your support team, we are also your virtual CIO, helping you make the most of the technology you have, or providing you with information on new technologies that can help you do what you do best.

6. We Do Not Let Our Customers Get Caught in the Middle. There is nothing worse than getting stuck between two vendors, each pointing to the other when an issue arises. This is my biggest pet peeve. As such, REP4 goes to great lengths to ensure this type of situation is not stealing your time. We gladly work to manage different vendors and service providers so that can rest easy that whatever needs to be done is getting done.

7. We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction

If it’s not right, we’ll do what it takes to fix it. Period.

8. We Offer the Critical Services You Need. Whether you are a manufacturer, law office, doctor’s office, product distributor or service provider REP4 has the tools  you need so that you can rest easy. We have offsite, automated backups, that remove your concerns about recovering from disasters. We have a team of technical and administrative staff that are ready to help your business move to the next level.  We have partnered with the best vendors in the industry to deliver reliable products and services to help grow, protect and sustain you business infrastructure.

9. 24 Hour Support.

Call us, we are waiting for you.

10. Speedy Service!

When you do call us, expect same day service. For emergencies we are normally available within 2 hours.

Eddie Phillips is the President of REP4 Technologies Inc. in Selkirk, Manitoba. Eddie is a 18 year IT veteran using his experiences from working for  Microsoft, Texas Instruments and HP to grow technological awareness for SMBs throughout North America.

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