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3 Most Common Assumptions that will Sink Your Business Faster than my Game of Blackjack- two minute read.

We all make assumptions. We have to, right? Otherwise, how would we make progress or carry on with our day?  I assumed the pilot that flew my wife and I to Las Vegas last week had a pilot’s license and was in a reasonable state to fly the plane.

Thankfully, the statistics support my assumption and we safely flew there and back. Unfortunately, my assumptions regarding my skills at blackjack were not quite as accurate… Like my wallet after a couple of hours at the blackjack table, too many businesses find out too late that their assumptions were just empty containers of false hope.

Here are three big assumptions that are sinking businesses right now:

ONE:  My IT “guy” is handling it.

Data Backups are an abominable concept – there’s no tangible reward for having them and they can be expensive.  This one is SO easy to assume you’ve got this covered since it does not impact your day to day business – Until it does…. And when it does the impacts are either business or at least customer relationship ending.

Here’s the easy way to shore up your assumption:

Call your IT guy/company/department have him prove it:

  1. Have him restore a file – this should be doable in less than 15 minutes
  2. Recover a copy of your server – this should be possible in under 8 hours, less if it is critical for you to have it up sooner.
  3. Recover an offsite copy of your server – this may take more time 12-24 hours

If these cannot be completed then you have an empty assumption. The best Disaster Recovery solutions contain three things the first is the ability to recover quickly from a TOTAL site failure. Give Tim Jordan a call to hear the rest:  877-321-7374

TWO: “Ransomware, Smansomware, it won’t happen to us.”

You been in business 5, 10, 20, 30+ years and haven’t had to deal with this “cyber-security flavor of the day, so you’ll just handle it “IF” it happens”. We see this a lot and it is 100% understandable as so many businesses have one of these approaches:

  1. We can wait until our computers are fixed, we don’t need to spend $/month for something that may never happen..
  2. The risk is not high enough to justify the price of securing our network.
  3.   We don’t store anything valuable

There are several reasons to be proactive about securing your network, here are two of them:

  1. Each document, spreadsheet or daily set of data entered into your ERP, CRM or other application represents an investment of several hours of effort from your staff. How many documents do you have?  200? 300? Thousands?  Multiply that by the hours your staff have spent and the hours it would take to recreate it.
  2. Customer information – According to Security Boulevard, it takes 197 days before most company’s realize there is a data breach.  This means that if you are not securing your information, you customer’s data is being bought and sold online, propagating more attacks.

Need more reasons?  Give us a shout, we’d love to help you have confidence in your network security. 877-321-7374

THREE: We are to obscure/small/beyond the notice of hackers.

Once up on a time this was true (sort of), but now hackers have taken a page out of the manufacturing book and become very LEAN – hacks, ransomware and viruses are no longer the domain of recluse teenagers sitting in their parents basement.  Stealing, compromising or ransoming your data is BILLION dollar business and no one is too small since most if it is not automated.  The data doesn’t have to be important to them, it only has to be important to you.

As a great man once said – “wouldn’t you rather pay the money to those that would help you and not work against you?” – Tim Jordan – he also happens to be our sales guy 877-321-7374

Have questions?  Reach out to us!

Eddie Phillips

COO – Shield Networks

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Eddie began his IT Career as a contractor with Microsoft. He continued working for several Fortune 500 IT Companies (Texas Instruments, AT&T, EDS, HP) until 2008 when he focused his passion on liberating companies from the evils of Cyber Attacks and Data loss.

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