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5 Reasons why (some) Computer Service Providers Suck #1

Reason #1 – It’s your information, it shouldn’t be hard to get! I visited a potential client the other day and had a great visit. The client is interested in some maintenance services and general support for a custom application and their VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone system.  We discussed not only maintenance for their computers and network but also Online Backups and Managed Services.

One of the first things we require before quoting on services is to do a “site survey”, basically a general review of requirements and the current equipment that they use.  During this discovery, we found that the client had been (over) sold Microsoft Small Business Server.

Begin Rant

~ I’d like to pause right here and state, that unless your company NEEDS SQL (to support a large database) or you have some really specific remote connection requirements then YOU DON”T NEED Small Business Server.  Especially these days, with all the different hosted services (I feel another post about Hosted Services coming).  The overhead, backup configuration just don’t make it worth it if you have under 8 – 10 employees.  ~  Ok, I’m done ranting 🙂

End Rant

Anyway, in order to get a feel of how their mail, users and data were configured I asked if they could log on to their server and show me a few things.

Gladly, but we don’t have our password…“, they said.

If you do not have your passwords (server, router, phone system, website, etc) aquire these from your service provider, now. Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Go Get a Coffee. Please, please get your passwords from your service provider.

Luckily, in this case one of the employees knew the previous service provider owner’s dad (?) and had to call him since the previous provider no longer answered his phone (??).

Your IT (Computer Services) provider should freely provide you with your access information. As a business, you should demand it since these are the keys to your Kingdom.   Keep this information safe, store it in a strongbox or have the IT provider encrypt it and show you how to access it and keep it somewhere you can get at it.

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