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9 Fast and Easy Ways To Lose Your Crypto Coins, (Sun, Nov 26th)

Looking at the cost of cryptocurrencies this weekend, it looks like many of you will find a few bitcoins under your tree instead of a new game console. It appears to become a big holiday gift. With all the attention given to cryptocurrencies, they have also become a top target for criminals this season. In many ways, stealing someone’s crypto wallet is more lucrative than┬ástealing a credit card number and in many ways easier. Creditcards can be blocked very quickly, and credit card companies are actively looking for fraud, often detecting it before the customer does. In some cases fraudulent credit card transactions can be reversed. With cryptocurrencies, you have to watch out for fraud yourself and there is little recourse if a wallet is stolen, in particular, if you do not realize right away that it has been stolen.

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