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About Us

Our Vision

Shield Networks Inc. is proud to be the collaborative result of a merger between three longtime I.T. service providers, achieving full company status in January 2015. Shield’s inception is rooted in a successful history of entrepreneurship shared between its three founding partners, Greg Kroeker, Tim Jordan, and Eddie Phillips.Each shareholder brings a wealth of independent, diverse professional experience in information technology (I.T.), integration and management to Shield. The dedicated support teams they’ve joined together through this collective effort are experts in their respective fields.

At Shield, we are incredibly proud of where we came from. With an I.T. technology and support arsenal bolstered by the combined forces of three separate veteran companies and an expanded crew of talented technicians and engineers, we are excited to continue providing our clients with unstoppable I.T. support for many years to come.

As always, our dedication to providing the most innovative, well managed and effective I.T. services is the driving force behind our corporate vision.

Our History

Greg Kroeker first established Genesis Networks in 2002, with the goal of providing his clients with quality business I.T. support and service. Greg was a pioneer in the provision of rural wireless technology, and one of the first broadband Internet service providers to bring wireless service to homes and businesses in the Red River Valley. In 2007, Greg moved I.T. services from Genesis into Stream Networks, Inc.

Tim Jordan formed Creosoft in 2005, and a few years later joined forces with Greg when he merged Creosoft with Stream Networks. Over the next few years, Tim and Greg acquired the business customer lists of several local I.T. service providers while growing Shield Networks Inc. in size and scope of services.

In 2008, Eddie Phillips unknowingly began his eventual contribution to Shield when he started Rep4 in Selkirk, MB. A few years later, Eddie became the final part of the equation when he merged Rep4 with Shield in 2015.

Greg, Tim, and Eddie combined efforts to form Shield Networks Inc. Shield became an official corporation on January 1, 2015.

Everyone at Shield is proud of the individual accomplishments that predate our Shield Networks merger, and we eagerly look forward to exceeding our clients’ expectations in the future.

Our Philosophy

Having a partnership built from the merger of three successful I.T. businesses creates a distinct advantage for our clients. Each team member brings a wealth of professional experience and industry-specific expertise to our operation, which expands our company’s ability to anticipate the technology challenges that our clients’ face in their day-to-day operations. The Shield merger allows us to pursue a more thorough relationship with our clients so we can provide them with ongoing insight, implementation, and support services so they can achieve and retain the top spots in their respective industries.

We are well-versed in the most current core technology requirements and issues that most companies encounter on a day-to-day basis, and we strive to apply our knowledge practically to come up with cost-effective, creative solutions for our client’s I.T. challenges. This allows our clients to focus on what they do best, so their businesses can thrive and prosper.

Shield Networks Inc. looks forward to helping your organization turn its use of technology from a bottleneck effort into an unstoppable force-multiplier. We take great pride in guiding our clients toward success, both in terms of their I.T. infrastructure and their ultimate business goals.

Shield Networks is the industry leader when it comes to keeping your company’s I.T. infrastructure in front of the curve and ahead of the latest information technology news, tips, and tricks. Contact us at (877) 321--7374 or send us an email at for more information.

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