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An Excellent Experience

As the weeks go by, my time at REP4 is getting shorter and shorter. It’s been a fast 12 weeks, and it’s sad to know I will only be here for a little while longer. I’ve been learning so much, so fast and it’ll be a shame for it to end! I am very thankful to REP4 for taking me in and teaching me all they could in the time given. I was supposed to be done my placement on the 31st but Eddie was kind enough to allow me to continue to spend my afternoons here to prepare for my computer hardware exam in 2 weeks!

REP4 has helped me a lot in so many ways! From day one I was learning several things a day, hands on. Now I’m learning even more by reading about things I haven’t gotten a chance to actually work at, and I’ve never had information stick in my mind so well! It really helps when you’re interested in the things you’re learning about. After being here for 12 weeks I can probably talk about computer components and different kinds of hardware until you get bored and tell me to go away! This has been a great help in studying for my actual computer class, and it’s preparing me to take the Comp+ exam as soon as possible.

Everyone here has been so great and insistent on me asking any questions I can think of. Though I’m not much of a talker, I have actually found a few things to ask that were resourceful! Shaun can talk forever on anything computer related, which I absolutely love to listen to. It’s nice to have someone who has taken the Comp+ exam because he gives me an idea of what I should study, what I don’t really need to know and how I should go about learning!

All in all, I have had the greatest time and learning experience at REP4. It’s got me even more interested in computers than I was in the beginning! Thanks a lot!

Taygan is a grade 12 student spending afternoons learning here at REP4. She has a wide variety of interests when it comes to computers; she is taking 2D and 3D animation classes, along with computer hardware. Taygan plans to go to a digital arts college and major in computer programming and graphics to prepare for a career in video game design.

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