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Areas Of Expertise

The Shield Networks team is committed to helping our client-partners gain or retain a top spot in their industry.

We offer specialized support to two vital industries often overlooked by other business technology management companies.


Trucking / Transportation Logistics

Our staff has taken the time to get to know the true business technology challenges and deficiencies of the businesses within the Manitoba market. From this time of survey and study, we have come to realize that:

  • YOU CARE ABOUT your CLIENTS and want customer relationship tools that meet the expectations those customer relationships!
  • YOU CARE ABOUT how your CUSTOMER INFORMATION and vital data is protected!
  • YOU CARE ABOUT making your EMPLOYEE’S LIVES better and their work more productive through business technology!
  • YOU CARE ABOUT being MORE EFFICIENT through business technology so your business can be MORE PROFITABLE.

We know Manitobans care!

Shield Networks cares about the technological health of Manitoban businesses! Give us a call today at (877) 321--7374 or send an email to .

We Are Happy to be Focused on Serving the Following Industry Sectors.

  • Manufacturing – We love to work with manufacturers because we are proud to play a part in the production of products and services with a “Made in Manitoba” stamp! The challenge of manufacturing technology is that it HAS TO WORK! Downtime is not acceptable to you. Why? Because every minute you aren’t producing is equal to many thousands of dollars lost, primarily in the form of wages. Shield Networks works with manufacturers across Manitoba to keep them running at peak efficiency, as well as making and implementing technology choices which most positively affect their bottom line.
  • Trucking / Transportation Logistics – We know the trucking industry is the lifeblood of our economy, and we are proud of our Manitoba-based trucking companies! When you are always on the go, you need perfectly synchronized communication and collaboration from the dispatch office to the cab of the truck and back again. Coordinating clients and vendors with trucks, trailers, pick-ups, and deliveries is a monumental task. With our experience in trucking business technology, we have the ability to keep you connected, informed, and your people rolling down the road.

Are you ready to see what a business technology support company like Shield Networks can do to streamline your workflow and improve your bottom line? Give us a call today at (877) 321--7374 or send an email to . We look forward to your call!

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