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Block Time

Effective immediately, Shield Networks Inc. no longer sells pre-paid Block Time hours-based technical support. Existing Block Time Agreements with a credit balance can be used as per normal up until November 30/2016. Any unused balance on account will be refunded in full by mailed check in December/2016.

If you value Shield Networks as an important strategic partner, we’d love to retain you as a customer! Here are new alternative IT service options for you:

  • 90-day Stabilization Agreement – minimum $250/mo plus $100/hr Standard support, $150/hr Emergency support, month-to-month term for 3 months
  • ELITE Agreement – flat unlimited onsite or remote technical support + Internet GUARDIAN + VAULT Backup/Disaster Recovery, starting at $3500/mo depending on your company size and needs, based on a 36-month term

Our reason for discontinuing Block Time is a renewed commitment to our Agreement clients – it’s unfair to customers who value proactive monitoring and priority support to compete for our time and technical resources with companies who can call only when something breaks and they’re in immediate trouble. Moreover, Shield is narrowing its focus on an updated Cyber-Security + Employee Productivity product we call the “Internet GUARDIAN” and we need our staff to focus on supporting and improving that product when they aren’t busy keeping ELITE and Stabilization-agreement clients happy.

I realize a support agreement is not the preferred arrangement for some companies, however, I hope you can understand our business decision. Please contact me directly if you’d like to discuss the options above as potential solutions for your organization’s technology support needs in the future.



– Greg Kroeker – Shield Networks Inc.

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