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To help identify weaknesses in processes which are getting in the way of goals, Shield provides consulting services designed to identify potential problem areas and solutions in a way that’s easy for decision makers and executives to understand. We cannot promise remediation requirements will always be simple, cheap or pain-free, so you’ll get no gimmicky 30-minute makeover or 60-minute miracle promises. However, when a weakness is exposed by an Audit, you’ll have the information needed to decide whether the cost of implementing change will cost more or less than leaving it alone.

All Audits include

  • An independent, arms-length review of existing processes related to the Audit you purchased
  • A Summary of Findings report which is yours to act on together with in-house IT staff or technology provider
  • A 120-day, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • After we have reviewed the Summary of Findings report together with the executive decision makers, you are not obligated to do any further business with Shield Networks; there are no strings attached to this Audit

All Audits require

  • Your network consist of a minimum of 5 computers
  • The owner(s) and primary decision maker(s) of your organization be present at the Audit’sSummary of Findings

IT Support Services and Technology Infrastructure Audit

  • High-level review of your current technology and overall success in leveraging technology as a strategic asset
  • Recommendations to better protect digital assets and decrease expensive down-time related to technology

Backup Data Recovery Audit

  • Review current requirements, plans and/or infrastructure for preventing and recovering from downtime or data loss
  • Hands-on recovery attempt of the key data or entire system(s) you need running within hours following a disaster
  • Recommendations for reducing the likelihood of disaster as well as recovering more quickly post-disaster

Network Security Audit

  • Review current requirements, plans and/or infrastructure for preventing internal or external network breaches
  • Hands-on testing of networked security systems and reporting of user’s Internet activities over several days
  • Recommendations for further reducing the likelihood of a digital breaks and recovering quickly if/when it happens

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