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There is a war on cyber crime.
Your staff are on the front line!


This presentation has been extremely popular. Our experienced and dynamic presenter breaks down specific, real-world threats that are the leading causes of the Ransomware and email hacking threats you see in the news almost every day. 

This is an in-person or remote presentation customized for YOUR industry to ensure you staff get the knowledge they need to protect the business.

We suggest allocating at least an hour – 30-40 minutes for the presentation and the rest of the time for questions – there are normally a LOT of questions/discussion.

Here is an example agenda. Note that we update our curriculum WEEKLY to reflect the latest threats and tactics of the cyber enemy.


• Introduction

• Email Attacks

• Phishing

• Impersonation

• Malware/Ransomware

• Infected Sites/ads

• Social Engineering

• Recovery and Prevention

• Summary and the Future


If our commitment to reliable, quick, and simple data backup and recovery resonates with you,

we invite you to contact us to discuss your recovery needs.

Thank you! We will get in touch with you within the next business day. For emergencies, please call us at (877) 321-7374.

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