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Data Backup, Is It Your Glass Crutch or Steel Girder?

Last week, I touched on the one question that businesses need to ask themselves when they  prepare for a disaster. This week, i’d like to help you determine if your “data backup” is a  glass crutch or an actual recovery solution. I call data backups a glass crutch because, in most cases, they aren’t worth the disks they are stored on and they aren’t going to support the business in an emergency. If all you are after is file recovery, then by all means file backup is for you. However, if you believe it will save you in a disaster, you need to re- think your recovery solution. Even if you are using Windows Server Backup or or an Image based product, you need to ensure your business or your client’s business can handle the Time To Recover (TTR).What is  TTR? TTR is the time it takes to get your server back up and running WITH AN ACCEPTABLE AMOUNT OF DATA LOSS AND DOWN TIME. Here are some factors to consider when determining TTR: Software/OS  Failure Availability of recovery or OS media Reliability of backups. Time to apply backup /image Data loss between last backup and failure

Hardware Failure Time to source part Shipping Installation and Configuration of hardware Accuracy of Trouble shooting the failed hardware Potentially, all items in software failure if HW failure causes OS failure

Now, put an ultra-conservative time estimate next to each item. Add up the estimates for each failure and you have your TTR. Keep in mind some hardware is DOA or shipping can be delayed; OSes and databases can be corrupted during restores; What was thought to be a software issue could prove to be a hardware issue, etc.

If the totals you come up with are within your acceptable outage window with an acceptable amount of data loss, congratulations, you are ready for a local disaster.

For the remaining 90% of companies we need to turn your glass crutch into steel girders that can support the business. In my next post I’ll discuss Backup and Disaster Recovery scenarios, appliances and Disaster Recovery with Virtualization.

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