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Canadian MSP?
Partner With Shield Networks
For SonicWALL Management!

Your Canadian MSP runs at full throttle. You don’t have time to make the huge investment in employee training it would take to do justice to the SonicWALL TZ, NSA, or SuperMassive appliances you have implemented in your client’s IT environments. That’s where we come into the picture.

Canada Cyber Security
Canada Cyber Security
  • No need for high-end, expensive firewall experts – Leave your
    port-forwards, VPNs, and traffic management to us.
  • Avoid manual, error-prone configurations – We do provide consistent configurations based on rock-solid industry Best Security Practices, per-device or per-group policies and your specific requirements.
  • Get rid of painfully slow internet / network performance. – We’ll track down and identify the culprits so you can address the root cause.

Take advantage of our Canadian-based firewall management built on Shield’s exclusive use of SonicWALL products! Choose one of our two stellar options and get the global firmware updates, threat blocking, and internet traffic prioritization that fits your clients. They want the right bandwidth to support their workflow but need HR productivity reporting and hardware warranty management. Only by partnering with Shield Networks can you give them such a comprehensive SonicWALL management solution.

Note – unless specified, all services are delivered remotely
SonicWALL GMS centralized management platform
Remote configuration assistance in connecting the SonicWALL appliance to GMS
Monitoring and emailed event alert notifications
Automatic weekly configuration backup with 8-week retention
Creation of visual diagram of the SonicWALL’s proposed initialnetwork configuration Optional – contact Shield
Initial configuration of a new or factory-reset SonicWALL appliance Optional – contact Shield
Audit existing firewall/perimeter security appliance settings in need of migration to SonicWALL Optional – contact Shield
Verification of migrated settings functionality, i.e., firewall rules, VPN, fail-over, content filtering Optional – contact Shield
Management and remediation of firewall incidents Optional – contact Shield
Tier 2-3 technical support for troubleshooting + changes Optional – contact Shield
Scheduled external penetration test and emailed report results Optional – contact Shield
Priority recovery to a replacement SonicWALL appliance Optional – contact Shield
Additional Products
Network-level security consulting + changes, ie VLANs, segmenting, etc Optional – contact Shield Optional – contact Shield
GMS report customization Optional – contact Shield Optional – contact Shield
Post-security incident analysis Onsite physicalinstallation + cutover to SonicWALL appliance Optional – contact Shield Optional – contact Shield
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