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Internet Guardian FAQs for
Canadian MSP partners


Reduce or eliminate the in-house need for high-end, expensive firewall experts. Leave the complex world of port-forwards, VPNs and traffic management to Shield experts.

Reduce the time and cost of manually managing and monitoring multiple SonicWALL appliances at once. The centralized nature of the GMS platform lets you see what’s happening at every client location and email notification of events gives you granular insight of incidents as they happen. The Internet GUARDIAN service level you’re subscribed to for that Sonicwall determines whether you take remediation or configuration action (Basic plan) or whether Shield gets to work on your behalf (Elite plan).

You can manage all your SonicWALL appliances manually, but it takes up a lot of time and mistakes can be easily made. Or you can choose to set up your own Sonicwall GMS environment but that’s not an easy one-time task, or every MSP would do it! Your primary goal is to simplify Sonicwall onboarding and management as well as avoid manual, error-prone configuration of security- or other common settings across all managed SonicWALLs. Internet GUARDIAN does this for you better than an in-house tech or team can.

Centralized management and alerting. Consistent configuration based on policies. Have full confidence knowing SonicWALL is protecting your client because it is correctly configured. No more worrying that some units didn’t receive critical configuration changes due to technician shift hand-off, poor documentation, or technical inexperience.

They will notice their painfully slow Internet/network performance is gone, OR you will have the data you need showing it’s time they upgrade or change providers! Depending on the Internet Guardian plan, we can track down and identify the culprit causing the slow down via bandwidth management until you can address the root cause.

Prioritize most important Internet traffic and de-prioritize the rest. Prioritize traffic by application type, source, destination, user, device or time of day. Ensure your MSP management tools such as remote access always have at least some bandwidth allocated to them, so you can help the client when they need you.

Proactive notification of Internet saturation. Have the data needed to see whether the problem is chronic or a one-time incident.

We offer internet SLA policy enforcement which triggers the start of the Internet Service Provider’s SLA customer notification of outage process via email from our GMS servers.

We provide notification of attack so you can either respond immediately (BASIC) or know Shield will remediate the issue on your behalf (ELITE).

Ensure all appliances are running the most appropriate and robust firmware version from SonicWALL, or keep them at a specific firmware version if required.

We are partner focused. We help you prevent of security threats – both Internet and external. Security threat research and threat evasion is implemented as we become aware of it.

Our services will help you measure the customer’s Internet pipe and ensure they’re getting the throughput the ISP is selling to them.

Your clients will love HR productivity reporting. Use our services to deliver regular reports to your clients on how much time is being spent on various non-work related sites and by whom. Or if your client doesn’t care about reports and just wants it fixed, provide us with a list of prioritized websites and we’ll ensure those always get Internet pipe, while everything else gets deprioritzed and never competes with business-related traffic for bandwidth.

We can help initiate SonicWALL hardware replacement process for warrantied units.

We do offer migration and installation in certain cases – extra fees apply. Senior technical help with installing a Shield-configured SonicWALL.

Yes we do. The authoritative details are in our Partner Reseller Agreement but at present, the initial monthly commitment level is $250 dollars and it can be comprised of a combination of Basic and Elite subscriptions. After 3 calendar months, the minimum monthly commitment increases to $500.

The regional partner with the highest monthly IG subscription is offered the lead. If they don’t take it within one business day, the next-highest partner is offered the lead and so on.

Our Partner Reseller Agreement includes a Mutual Non-Disclosure section designed to motivate both us and you to keep the details of the agreement, clients, processes and technology confidential.

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