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Do you know how much Internet abuse can really cost you?

It’s not uncommon for an employee to use their work computer for something other than work. Whether it’s social media, private chatting, Reddit, online gaming or a live sports or music video stream, typical behavior like this uses a lot of your business’ Internet bandwidth and wastes valuable company time.

You may catch the occasional employee taking a quick break from their work to check their fantasy football or hockey team here or there and think it’s not that big of a deal, but do you know how much this kind of habit costs businesses like yours?

Internet Abuse

According to CFO Daily News, approximately $650 billion per year in the US. Reported in 2010 (a number that has likely grown in recent years given the rising ubiquity of mobile devices), the research performed by Workplace Options found that more than half (53%) of employees say distractions (smartphone use for chatting and visiting websites not related to their work, etc.) directly affect their productivity in the workplace. Furthermore, IT research firm Gartner estimates non-work related Internet surfing results in an approximate 40% loss in productivity among American workers. 40 percent!!

To put it in terms more applicable to your bottom line, a recent Gallup poll has found the following:

  • The average employee spends 75+ minutes using their work computer for non-work related activity
  • This results in an annual loss of $6250 per employee
  • Even if only 1 out of 4 employees wastes that kind of time at a 12-person company, that’s $18,750/year flushed down the toilet! For a 100-person company, that same conservative ratio adds up to $156,250 per year…

That’s why Shield Networks is offering our proven Internet GUARDIAN service, a monitoring solution to help identify, address and eliminate employee abuse of IT resources. With our help, you can track what your employees are doing with their time, with real-time information about who is doing what on company technology. Want to keep your staff off Facebook during work hours? We can prioritize FB and similar sites as legitimate work traffic for certain times of the day so that kind of traffic is slowed to a halt except during scheduled breaks and lunchtime! At the same time, if you as the business owner want full-speed access to those same sites, that’s easily possible too. Or maybe you don’t care to be bothered knowing who your problem users are, and just want someone to fix it? If you provide a list of sites your company must have highest speed access to such, we’ll set those to have priority use of your Internet connection; any sites not on that list will have lower priority Internet access and never slow down your priority sites!

Additional Internet GUARDIAN features and benefits:

  • Employee productivity monitoring and enforcement allows you to block, enable and prioritize Internet access across some parameters, such as website, site categories, employee groups, times of day, devices and more
  • Comprehensive security capability, detecting and deterring inbound and outbound security threats in real time
  • Scheduled emailed reports which provide actionable intel on your Internet/network needed to make well-informed, data-driven business decisions
  • Unlimited technical support for a convenient, fixed monthly fee including setup, monitoring, configuration of backups, change requests and hardware replacement if the appliance fails 

Don’t let any more of your business’ valuable time go to waste. For more information about our Internet GUARDIAN products, get in touch with Shield Networks today at (877) 321-7374 or

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