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Malicious Powershell Targeting UK Bank Customers, (Sat, May 19th)

I found a very interesting sample thanks to my hunting rules… It is a PowerShell script that was uploaded on VT for the first time on the 16th of May from UK. The current VT score is still 0/59[1]. The upload location is interesting because the script targets major UK bank customers as we will see below. Some pieces of the puzzle are missing. I don’t know how the script was dropped on the target. A retro-hunt search reported a malicious PE file (SHA256:3e00ef97f017765563d61f31189a5b86e5f611031330611b834dc65623000c9e[2]) that downloads another PowerShell script from a site located on a similar URL as found in the first file (hxxps://cflfuppn[.]eu/sload/run-first.ps1). Let’s check deeper the initial script. The first comment: it is not obfuscated and very easy to read and understand. Here is a review of the actions performed.

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