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Get Connected with Shield

The first step is getting the Shield Agent on your servers, workstations and laptops.

What does it do? A lot.

  • Allows Shield to monitor hardware/software errors

  • Enables maintenance and patching services to ensure you are up to date.

  • Remote Access so we can help you quickly and remotely.

  • Asset Management and so much more...

This is Shield's base offering and allows us to begin a relationship that will lead you to world class IT Support.

Hard Drive Backup

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Whether you have your own bullet proof backup and disaster recovery system, or you need Shield's proven Vault solution,  being able to recover from a disaster (fire, theft, virus infection, server failure) is the cornerstone of having a reliable IT infrastructure.  For both your protection and Shield's peace of mind you can be sure we'll review the situation and make recommendations to keep you safe.

Typing on a Computer

Cyber Secure

The headlines have made it no secret that ransomware is the biggest threat around. This, combined with complex scams have forced companies to step up their game. Shield's Internet Guardian products protect your business on two fronts:

  1. Firewall - keeping the bad actors out and ensuring data from the wild west internet is scanned.

  2. Endpoint Security - Net Gen virus/malware protection, using the latest tech to protect you and your data.

These two products work hand in hand for unprecedented success in helping secure you from known AND unknown threats.

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IT Services and Infrastructure Projects

Our TEAM of IT professionals offer world class support. Forget worrying about training your own IT staff and additional administration that comes with additional staff.

The Shield Team is here for you and adheres to strict Service Level Agreements, that ensure you will know the status of your issue/project and you will have the service when and how you need it.

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Shield's CyberSecurity Awareness Training (CSAT) and Phishing Simulation offerings take protecting your business to the next level. 

Most successful threats get a foothold into your business because of user mistakes: Clicking on links they shouldn't, accepting software or falling for social engineering.

Get educated and know how to identify these threats. 

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