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Shield is an authorized Dell Premier Partner. This form gathers the most common information needed to put together an accurate proposal for review and approval. To maintain our commitment to reliability and network up-time, Shield only sells business-class solutions.

Note: at the end of this form, you will need to certify that you have confirmed the client’s computer requirements and preferences with the authorized contact or decision maker BEFORE submitting this form.

This quote request is submitted by


Authorized decision maker/purchaser *


Anticipated computer role

Please ensure the selections below match or exceed the "Recommended system requirements" of the most resource-hungry software to be installed on this computer for the next 5 years. Notebooks tend to increase system costs by 15 to 20% or more depending on specs. The price range estimates below exclude items like: monitor, Office software, etc.

Basic: light usage, resource-light programs like web browsers, MS Office, etc. Estimated budget: $1,000 - $1,500
Mid-range: moderate usage, running several programs like web browsers, MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite apps, Intuit Quickbooks or Simply Accounting. Estimated budget: $1,500 - $2,300.
High end: heavy usage, running many programs at the same time like web browsers, MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite apps, Intuit Quickbooks or Simply Accounting, entry-level CAD/design programs. Estimated budget: $2,000 - $3,500
Workstation: dedicated CAD drawing and/or use other high-end graphics intensive design applications such as Autodesk Inventor or AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Pro-E, Adobe Creative Suite apps in addition to web browsers and MS Office. Estimated budget: $3,500 - $12,000

Computer category

Desktop - for maximum productivity, not portable, cheaper than a similarly-equipped notebook
Notebook - for maximum portability, more expensive then a similarly-equipped desktop
Not Applicable

Computer type, CPU and video ports

Refer to "Anticipated computer role" earlier in this form to make the correctly matching selection here.

Basic - Optiplex 3x to 5x desktop with 2 video outputs or Latitude notebook, Intel Core i3 CPU
Mid-range - Optiplex 5x to 9x desktop with 3 video outputs or Latitude notebook, Intel Core i5 CPU
High end - Optiplex 9x to XEx desktop or Latitude notebook, Intel Core i7 CPU
Workstation - Precision, Intel Xeon CPU

Quantity of this system configuration

Ordering more than one non-identical system requires you submit one form for each unique configuration

System form factor

Micro - minimum expansion slots, small size, great for smallest spaces and hidden installation - RECOMMENDED
Tower - desktop Workstations come in a large enclosure for maximum cooling and expansion slots
Notebook or workstation

For "Micro form-factor" desktop: integrated WiFi (standard with notebooks, optional on some desktop models)

Not applicable

Base RAM memory

Refer to "Anticipated computer role" at the top of this page to choose a matching option here. More RAM = better performance = higher price.

Basic - 8GB
Mid-range - 12GB
High end - 16GB
Workstation - 32GB
Workstation - 64GB

Operating system

MS Windows 10.x Professional is recommended, but make sure it's compatible with the software you need to use on this system.

MS Windows 10.x Professional
MS Windows 8.x Professional
Not recommended - MS Windows 7.x Professional
Not Applicable

Hard drive storage capacity and type

SSD drives are very fast and reliable (no moving parts). We no longer recommend or sell computers with SATA drives.


Internal optical drive: DVD/Blu-Ray

For desktops, we recommend against an internal optical drive unless it's absolutely necessary. An external, portable optical drive can be purchased at an electronics store for $50 - $80 if needed.

Yes, required
Not applicable

For notebooks: built-in screen size in inches

12" - notebook
14" - notebook
15" - notebook
17" - notebook
Not Applicable

Notebooks only: keyboard options

By default, notebooks are ordered with US English-only keys. Specify other keyboard requirements here such as: dedicated number pad, back lit keyboard, multi-lingual. Please note these options will reduce the models available to chose from and increase your cost.

For desktops: keyboard and mouse

All systems are ordered with *wired keyboard and wired mouse* for maximum reliability. Due to reliability issues, Shield does not sell nor support any wireless keyboards or mice. Specialized input devices can be purchased from the client's preferred electronics store.

Standard US English (QWERTY) USB-connector wired keyboard and wired 2-button USB optical mouse.
Not Applicable

Warranty - next business day onsite

All Shield-sold and support computers require a 5-year warranty because that is the (minimum) lifespan of computers for most clients.

5 years
Not Applicable

Dell Complete Care coverage

Protect your computer from accidents like liquid spills, drops, falls and surges, none of which is covered under a hardware warranty. Good idea for notebooks used by road warriors (especially sales people who always rush), not as popular with desktops.

3-year Accidental Damage Service
5-year Accidental Damage Service
Not applicable

New monitor quantity*

New monitor size

Not applicable
24" thin-bezel - recommended
Custom - provide details in Comments field below
Not Applicable

Shipping options

Ships-Fast can ship within 48 hours because they are pre-built, but their configuration options are very restricted. If you're more concerned about getting a system quickly then about it matching the exact specs detailed here, this may be an option. The next higher closest-matching config will be spec'd for any selection options made here which are not a match with an existing Ships-Fast system.

Standard - recommended - ships in 10 to 12 business days
Ships-fast - if needed, upgrade unavailable spec to next-higher available spec
Not Applicable

Software - Microsoft Office Home and Business - current version

This software is not needed if the client subscribes to most business-class plans.

Not applicable

Adequate space for new computer’s form factor + connecting cables? Take heat build-up into account – there must be air flow over the PC to ensure it doesn’t overheat.*

Not applicable

Special PC connectors (non-video):*

Parallel – common for older hardware keys
Serial – common for machine-connected systems
Not applicable

Distance and qty of extension cable if required*




Not applicable


If re-using existing monitor(s), specify type and quantity of each existing monitor’s connection – monitor adapter cables will be required:*





Not applicables

Quantity of UPS/battery backup power supply + surge protection - APC 750va

Recommend 1 per desktop + monitor. If a different UPS size or type is required, provide details in the "Comments" field below. Not needed for notebooks. You can order extra UPS' here for your existing desktops.


I hereby certify

Failure to communicate clearly with the client about requirements and preferences needs delays quotes and increases costs.

I am the client's authorized contact/decision maker and am confident I have provided all the information required by Shield to provide me with a quote which meets my needs
I am a Shield staff person and I have confirmed the client's computer requirements and preferences with the authorized contact or decision maker BEFORE submitting this form for quoting

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