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Get Alerted Before Danger Approaches

In the days of the sailing ships, the telescope revealed danger on the horizon…

And the lookout shouted the warning to the crew. Then…. They all jumped to defend the ship.

Times have changed. – Today’s business dangers are cybersecurity related.

Cybersecurity threats don’t come with an evil-looking sailing ship flying the pirate flag. They come in the form of zero-day cyber-threats, intrusion attempts, and bandwidth issues. And they come at a cost… Downtime. Repair expenses. Injured company reputation. You don’t want YOUR client to suffer from ANY of these. The good news is…

Those dangers DON’T HAVE TO impact your clients negatively.

Internet Guardian takes on the complicated job of aggregating and analyzing the data collected by your SonicWall GMS Then… We send you the alerts. We will ensure you know exactly what is happening in your client’s SonicWall solution, …So YOU can make the best choices for their security and productivity.

We will make YOU look like a superhero to your clients!

They will be impressed to know you can identify pending and inherent security issues as well as bandwidth utilization
problems – lightning fast. They will be thrilled with the way you utilize Internet Guardian to give them the productivity uptime you’ve promised. Why? Because higher uptime means more money in their pockets.

Cyber Security Services

Who doesn’t like the guy who helps them make MORE money?

Are you ready for your clients to think that you are GREAT?
Want to be your clients’ hero?
Use Internet Guardian to see the threats coming and protect your clients.

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