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REP4 Technologies, now with YouTube!

Here is our long awaited YouTube channel. Shaun has been hard a work putting together some key videos for existing and potiential clients!  I have several blog posts in the hopper, but didn’t want to publish them without a video to back them up. For example, I’m working on a “How much do Online Backups Cost?” post, but wanted to have a video that illustrates how to check how much data you have on your hard drive.  Well, Shaun has finished that video as well as two more, including a video about Lync, specifically Hosted Lync as part of Office 365. Since we are on the topic of Office 365, we are having an absolute blast with it internally, here at REP4. It is easy to use, and provide features normally only available to Enterprise (Large) Corporations. Look forward to more videos on the advantages of Office 365, but to give you an idea of what to expect here are some future topics:

  • Lync 101, The Basics – walks you through the basics of the Instant Messenging, Video and Voice Features of Lync.
  • Lync, Video Conferenceing with ease – illustrating video conferencing in more detail, including conferencing with people outside your organization.
  • Hosted Exchange – Finally, you’ll get to use all the cool gadgets built into MS Outlook. Like Out of Office, shared Calendars, shared Contacts and so much more!
  • Hosted Sharepoint – Keep you files securely online while getting them backed up and easily shared amongst employees and outside thrid parties if desired. A great tool, that has too many features to list here.

We are pumped about this new partnership with Microsoft and our customers are excited about the new options too.  Hang tight, so much more to come. Here is the Lync 101 video:

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