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Restricting PowerShell Capabilities with NetSh, (Wed, Dec 19th)

The Christmas break is coming for most of us, let’s take some time to share some tips to better protect our computers. The Microsoft Windows OS has plenty of tools that, when properly used, can reduce risks to be infected by a malware. As best practices, we must have antivirus enabled, we can deploy AppLocker to allow only authorized applications to be launched, we can restrict applications to be executed from locations like %APPDATA% or %TEMP% but they are tools that are much more difficult to restrict on a regular host like… Powershell! If you uninstall Powershell from a modern Windows version, you’ll simply miss nice features. That’s why, in many cases, a simple uninstall is not possible. That’s also the reason why Powershell remains a nice first stage infection method:

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