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rockNSM as a Incident Response Package, (Sun, Sep 17th)

Are you looking for a lightweight system to be part of your Incident Response kit? This is probably the package for you. It contains all the basic elements needed to capture data on the fly with Suricata, Bro, Logstash, Kibana, Elasticsearch and Kafka needed to conduct an investigation. Two options exist to get going to build your system, you can use the ISO built on CentOS 7.3 or built your own, and obviously I recommend using the ISO; make sure you check the hardware requirement before starting. “The system you run this on should have at least 2 network interfaces and more than 8GB of RAM, with an OS (RHEL or CentOS 7) already installed.”[2] The current version is 2.0.5 and I recommend reading the release notes.

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