How do you know if you don’t get a second opinion?

Finally, it throws away the key it used to
lock your data.

This final step leaves you with no way to access any locked files – you can see them, but you can’t
open them. You’ll see a demand for a payout in exchange for a replacement key to unlock your data.
Sometimes the key works, sometimes it doesn’t. And unless you have a recent backup AND those
backed-up files haven’t also been silently encrypted, you’ll face a tough choice….

Do you really want to provide criminals who’ve already ransomed your data with your credit info
to (maybe) get your data back?

Think you’re too small to be a target?

If you think you’re too small to be a ransomware target, think again. 95% of reported data breaches don’t make the headlines – in fact… 95% of businesses that experience a breach are small companies, with 5 to 500 users! Cyber criminals are not particularly discriminating when it comes to choosing their target – size does not matter for their evil purposes.

KEEP READING to learn about a cyber-security limited time offer that will save your company at least $999 and quite possibly could just save your company from closing down completely, period!

Stop ransomware dead in its tracks by having a reliable security solution in place. No, anti-virus software isn’t
enough; anti-virus can only protect devices it’s installed, configured, and updated correctly on. Internet Usage
Policies and staff education are critical too, but even your smartest people can be tricked into opening a
legitimate-sounding link in an email. Managed SonicWALL firewalls, however, ensure that the primary entry
points for a ransomware infection are guarded.


CEOs, Management, HR departments and Accounting departments trust Shield Networks for:

  • Employee productivity monitoring or enforcement – Block or allow Web access to specific websites, broad categories of sites,
    by employee, the time of day, specific device, or other criteria.
  • Internet or network performance issues – Is it our ISP or our network?
  • ISP vendor account management – Internet SLA monitoring for differences between promised and actual Internet service levels.
  • Scheduled emailed reports – Get the Internet data you need to make business decisions.

In-house IT staff leverage the expertise of Shield Networks for:

  • Security – evolving security threat management, tracking active port-forwards, and closing unneeded entry points
  • Uptime – automatic ISP failover (requires additional, separate Internet services) and High Availability (requires multiple Internet GUARDIAN appliances)
  • Maximizing Internet performance – min/max network bandwidth flow over time, cumulative bandwidth usage
  • Configuration backups – quick recovery to same- or alternate hardware
  • Web portal access to submit and manage issue tickets – stay in the loop on issues as they are worked on
  • Unlimited technical support – SLA-based fixed monthly fee for setup, monitoring, and changes

Your internal IT team does a fantastic job on the day-to-day operation of your company’s IT, but…
When it comes to specialized hardware like the SonicWALL firewall appliances, you need a specialist to certify that you’re getting the best protection available from your SonicWALL configuration.

That’s where we come in!

We don’t want to REPLACE your current IT professionals. We’re here to support them and give them – and you – the confidence of a second opinion.
Because of the impact of cybercrime on Canadian businesses, we are offering our SonicWALL Second Opinion, which is a thorough analysis of your
SonicWALL configuration (usually offered at $999) – for FREE until August 30th, 2017*.

Take advantage of this limited time offer! Get your internal IT department the second opinion they need from the SonicWALL specialists they trust – and protect your business.

Contact us now at (877) 321--7374 or and take advantage of SonicWALL Second Opinion before time runs out.

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