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Block time support services

Need a new server or service set up correctly and documented but don’t have a service agreement? Want an outside opinion on a Line Of Business application you’re considering but don’t have a trusted technology solution provider? A Block Time purchase is the way to go if you prefer to purchase technical support or technical consulting services only when you know you need it. Contact Shield for details.

GUARDIAN Internet protection and productivity services

This monthly subscription-based service includes hardware, software and services designed to protect the integrity of the information on your network from threats originating from or heading out to the Internet, as well as productivity-enhancing services such as limiting website access on a per-schedule, per-computer or per-user basis. Contact Shield for details.

VAULT backup and disaster recovery services

VAULT services are your ultimate insurance against data corruption, theft or deletion. Depending on your threshold for being disconnected from data, the VAULT service is customized to include hardware, software and services which work together to restore access to data within your time frame requirements. Contact Shield for info.

ELITE proactive support services
Shield provides comprehensive technology services to organizations with a management structure that values technology and relies on it to work properly so every employee can fully focus on their jobs. As ELITE services are very comprehensive in scope, we only extend invitations to select organizations we believe would benefit significantly from this arrangement. In some cases, the arrangement eliminates the need for or replaces in-house IT staff and in other cases, it supports and extends the in-house IT department. Some benefits of this program include:

  • Proactive network services monitoring and intervention
  • Unlimited remote help desk support and ad-hoc onsite technical support
  • Scheduled recurring onsite visits
  • Local and cloud-based backup and disaster recovery services designed for worst-case recovery requirements
  • Multiple layers of digital security and threat protection from the Internet through to the end user
  • Virtual CIO services to ensure your direction and needs continue to line up with our services and abilities
  • Any-time access to your organization’s own network documentation
  • Fixed monthly fee for easy budgeting

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