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Support Process

Shield Networks – Your Business Technology Supported by Heroic I.T. Management!

For the team at Shield Networks, our support process is not simply about good customer service. It’s about keeping you running optimally so your business can take advantage of every growth opportunity.

From the beginning, the incentive for Shield Networks to keep you running smoothly and efficiently is built into the monthly subscription structuring of our I.T. Managed Services. Our business is the most profitable when it is smooth sailing for your company’s users of technology and you are operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

To put it bluntly: your success contributes directly to our success!

Disappointed in the “other guy’s” support process? Give the Shield Networks team a call to see how our support procedures and our subscription I.T. Managed Services put the client first! Call us today at (877) 321--7374 or send an email to .

Our client’s I.T. support requests are given the highest of priority. Most of the I.T. challenges a normal business would face are dealt with proactively by our Shield Networks technicians, but now and then, something happens, and a client has to submit a support request. This is our support process:

Step 1: Client Submits Support Request

  1. For a non-urgent problem, you send an email with the problem description and other relevant info to
  2. For urgent, business-down/emergency issue, you call Shield 24x7x365 and provide the problem description and any other relevant info to877.321.7374

Step 2: Support Request Ticket Generated

  1. A new service ticket with a unique tracking number is generated, it will be used to track all work on this issue until it’s fully resolved
  2. You’ll get an automatically generated email within minutes containing the tracking number and important details

Step 3: Support Request Is Assigned to A Resource

The technical resource best suited to resolve your support request is assigned to work on your issue ticket. Depending on your need, this may be a technician who comes onsite, Help Desk staff who work remotely, or Network Operations Centre staff who work behind the scenes.

Step 4: Technical Resource Works On Support Request

The technician or engineer works on resolving your issue, using email or phone to communicate with you to get more information and update you on progress until the issue is resolved and everyone’s back at work.

Step 5: Completed Ticket Is Closed

  1. Once the issue is resolved to your satisfaction, it is marked as Resolved.
  2. The occasional ticket is selected for a post-action survey, which is your chance to let us know how the issue was handled and provide any feedback on improving support in the future.

Shield Networks knows our success is dependent on caring for your business technologies with the utmost professionalism. As a result, we give great attention to the support requests from our clients. Have a question? We’re here for you. Give us a call today at (877) 321--7374 or send an email to

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