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Thank you and Merry Christmas

With less than two weeks until Christmas, I’d like to look back on 2011 and the successes we’ve had because of our customers. Over the last year we’ve implemented several new services for our customers, including Online Backups and Managed Anti-Virus. With Pine Valley Computer Services shutting it’s doors we’ve assisted their clients in making the transition to REP4 Technologies as smooth as possible at the same time increasing our customer base.

2011 was a major year for REP4, we chose two official charities; a good portion of the amount our customers provide to REP4 is directed to one of the organizations mentioned on the Community page of our website. Basically, you, as a customer, contributed to the Children’s Hospital Foundation that treats 130,000 children each year or you partially sponsored our contribution to the S&D Community Foundation that supports community projects.  REP4’s target is to eventually build a $10,000 fund within the S&D Foundation so that we might have a named fund that will directly support computer education for kids in our community.

With this year at a close, it is our sincere hope that we have helped made your company as much of a success as you are making REP4.

We are honored by your business, thank you.

Eddie Phillips


REP4 Technologies

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