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The Conquest for “e-fficiency”

The Conquest for “e-fficiency”.

Your business has grown. You now have a steady stream of work from existing clients and new prospects are coming through the door all the time.  Payroll, Work Orders, Sales, Production, your employees are at the point where they are good at their job, but are they using your current electronic resources to their potential?

The natural progression of growth in companies is prone to data “splintering”; Dave, the Bookkeeper, keeps the financial data on his computer. Meanwhile, Susie, the Sales Manager has the sales and prospect data on her computer. Everyone is merrily working away without issue until the new sales associate, John, is hired and he needs a copy of the sales data from Susie.  This is a recipe for rework or worse. When both John and Susie are updating copies of the same documents data gets lost. Lost data equals lost profits.

If your company’s idea of sharing digital information is to email documents and spreadsheets back and forth you could be missing out on features that will save you time and money without purchasing additional hardware!

Assuming your computers are connected together (i.e. all sharing the same Internet connection) the hardware portion is done.  The next step is to setup “File Sharing”.  Setting up File Sharing is the process of collecting all of your data, placing it on one computer and making it available to your employees from each of their computers.

An illustration showing the above scenario after setting up File Sharing.

Ideal for companies with less than 10 computers

The key is that there is no duplication.  Depending on how sensitive the data is, you may want to hire a professional to lock down certain data to specific employees. For example, if only Dave should have access to the financial data then the “File Share” can be configured so that only Dave can see this information.  Otherwise, do a search on Google for “Setting Up File Sharing”, there is an abundance of easy to follow guides on this topic.

Moving all of your data to one location may seem like putting “all of your eggs in one basket”, but this type of setup allows you to take other critical steps with your data. A central storage location or file share, discussed above, will make backing up your data easier and prepare your business for expansion in the future.

Using the same setup that already allows your employees to share the Internet; you can also share the location where your data is stored. This change may take some time to get used to, but will help you avoid rework and data loss. For more articles on technology and business please

Eddie Phillips is the President of REP4 Technologies Inc. in Selkirk, Manitoba

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