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Vault Backup

Keep Going Through Anything with VAULT Backup and Disaster Recovery Services from Shield Networks

What happens to your business, your employees, your livelihood, and your lifestyle if your business:

  • … Burns down?
  • … Suffers a flood?
  • … Is victimized by crime or terrorism?
  • … Loses power for days or weeks?

Insurances can cover buildings, but they can’t get back your data, your work product, and your
individualized software applications. But what about the bigger picture? Wouldn’t it be handy to have someone show you how you could have your business relocated and running just hours after an event that makes your primary location uninhabitable? Shield Networks specializes in preparing businesses like yours to stay operating and profitable through unforeseen and unfortunate events.

We never know when we are going to face challenging circumstances that threaten our businesses. Give Shield Networks a call today to speak with a business continuity expert at (877) 321--7374.

VAULT Services – How do we do it?


Depending on the backup size, we can bring your broken server back online in a virtualized machine in less than thirty minutes! How? We have the capability of backing up your data in a manner that is
an endless, incremental walk back through “data time”. The backup of your server to our backup
appliance at your site is also linked either to a remote building or to the cloud for off-site backups, which can be brought online if your current site is fully compromised. Bottom line: regardless of a major or minor disaster, your data is accessible and your business back in action in minutes, not days or weeks.


If they are mission-critical to your organization, your network-connected or roaming/remote desktop and notebook backups can benefit from our continuity services in much the same way as your
servers. The exception is the restore process: for desktops and notebooks, either individual folders
or files can be recovered, or if needed, the entire system’s hard drive image can be written to a new
replacement computer which doesn’t have to be identical to the original system. Either way, your user is back at work in a few minutes or hours (if image recovery is required) instead of days spent
gathering the installation software and installing it and all updates manually again.

What’s included in an
ELITE VAULT Service plan?

Everything is included for a flat monthly fee:
  • Backup storage/server appliance
  • Backup to the Cloud
  • Software, installation, monitoring, support + repair service
  • Test-restores and emergency recovery

Disaster and Continuity Services are something you need to invest in BEFORE everything goes to pieces! Give us a call today at (877) 321--7374 or send an email to and we will be happy to evaluate your current backup solution’s disaster recovery process, or simply show you how we can keep your business functioning and profitable through difficult circumstances with Vault Services.

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