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Manitoba is home to three major rivers, prairie grassland, polar bears, beluga whales, Pre-Cambrian Shield outcroppings, over 100,000 lakes and old-growth forest. The diversity of the landscape of Manitoba is punctuated by the fact that it contains oil reserves as well as one of the few true desert areas in Canada – complete with sand dunes and cacti. However, the first impression that the new immigrant or traveler experiences is the vast fields of grain that stretch for endless miles in the Red River Valley and the southwest.

It is within this landscape that the Shield Networks team works tirelessly to serve the businesses and the people who call Southern Manitoba home.

While many of our client are within Winnipeg itself, we are currently caring for the business technology needs of companies as far north as Riverton and Arborg, Morden to the west, Pembina to the south and Kenora, Ontario to the east.

Our two offices are located in the towns of Selkirk and Rosenort. From these two bases, we can reach out for regular management and maintenance of our customer’s business technology systems or quickly react to a particular challenge faced by our clients.

The people of Shield Networks love the unique landscapes and diverse cultures which represent Manitoba and are proud to invest their work and play in the communities of this great province.

Wondering if you are within the service area of Shield Networks? Give us a call today at (877) 321--7374 or send us an email at . We’d be glad to hear from you!


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