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Because we’re the best at giving companies like yours the IT boost they need to be more productive and grow!

The business technology you choose and the company you entrust to support your IT will determine whether your business runs like a well-oiled machine or faces the agony of slow productivity and expensive downtime. The Shield Networks team supports the high IT function of businesses like yours throughout the region. Why are we the IT professionals that business leaders are most likely to choose to manage their company’s business technology? Why should you partner with Shield Networks?

Here are the top 10 reasons.
  1. Your business is important to you. Why not partner with the best? The Shield Networks team has years of technology support experience and has earned industry certifications qualifying them to maintain your critical systems.
  2. Your employees are more productive when their IT tools work well. Shield Networks has the skill needed to make your IT fit your workflow instead of forcing your workflow into the mold of inflexible IT
  3. Your reputation is worth protecting. Shield Networks knows that a data breach could cost your business the trust of its customers and its hard-earned reputation. We can implement cyber-security measures to keep your data safe.
  4. Your time is worth something. Shield Networks can handle all those constant updates, upgrades, patches, licensing, and IT vendor management for you.
  5. You want someone watching over your IT – not just someone who comes when it breaks down. Shield Networks remotely monitors your entire IT environment for current and potential issues.
  6. You want an IT company that will pick up the phone and give you the technology answers you need – when you need them. The Shield Networks team knows that without our valued customers we would have no business. Because of this, we treat every support request with attention and care.
  7. You want to focus your time and attention on what makes you money – not the underlying technology. Shield Networks will give you dependable, seamless IT that allows you to do the tasks that make your business profitable.
  8. You want the best in IT innovation to supercharge your processes. Shield Networks is on the leading edge of what IT can do in and for your business. Let us give your business a competitive advantage.
  9. You want to get ahead of the threats that are out there – not simply respond to them. With cyber-security protocols and employee training, Shield Networks will proactively build walls of defense around your business to keep out hacking, phishing, adware, malware, ransomware, worms, and Trojan horse attacks.
  10. You want the flexibility of mobility made simple. Shield Networks leads the way in helping companies like yours meet a mobile, global economy head-on with top-end mobile communication and collaboration tools.

Why do you need Shield Networks to handle ALL of your technology support needs?

It’s simple!
Having all of your IT supported by Shield Networks makes all of your technology work in perfect sync and gives you the
best IT support dollar value.

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