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Work Practicum at Rep4 Technologies

Taking my practicum at Rep4 Technologies in Selkirk, MB has been a fantastic experience. I’m currently enrolled at the Academy of Learning taking the Computer Service Technician course, and working on obtaining my Comp TIA+ Certification. After 8 months of reading and doing labs in school it’s rewarding to be getting the hands-on experience at Rep4. It’s nice to know that all that knowledge from those books is sinking in. Being able to just dive in to real work experience and gaining knowledge from fully qualified technicians is the way to go. The staff here at Rep4 have been just wonderful in letting me join their team. They have been so welcoming, encouraging and supportive in my quest to become as fully qualifed as they are.

Going to school and learning from books is one thing, but the actual hands on work, going to job sites, and working with clients has been a real growing experience. I look forward to becoming more experienced with the help of my peers.

The oppurtunity Rep4 has given me to do my practicum here with them has been invaluable and so rewarding!

Thanks Rep4!! You rock!!

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